Review: Military Wives lacks vigour to truly deliver

Oscar-nominated actress Dame Kristin Scott Thomas is back on the big screen in a film about a women's choir.

Military Wives is based on a true story and set on an army base in the UK.

From male strippers to female choir singers, Military Wives is from the director of the beloved 90s film The Full Monty.

But instead of a group of unemployed steelworkers getting their kit off, we have a group of military wives get their groove on.

The wonderful Dame Kristin is Kate, the wife of the base colonel who takes her position seriously and regards the other wives with a certain degree of indifference.

But when the corps once again goes on a lengthy dangerous tour of Afghanistan she decides to rally the home front troops to distract them while their partners are away. And what they come up with is a choir.

Of course, talent has never stopped anyone from singing in the shower and the same applies here. The conflict of interest is immediate.

Sharon Horgan and Dame Kristin have a great chemistry and the choir of mostly fresh faces do their very best with the far-from-fresh script, but it lacks the vim and vigour it needs to truly deliver.

I adore Dame Kristin and while this won't go down by any means as a classic, she and her cohorts deliver some heartwarming moments of collective womanhood and the power of friendship.

Three stars.