Comedian Melanie Bracewell reveals 'extended cut' of Jacinda Ardern's earthquake interview

Kiwi comedian Melanie Bracewell has reprised her uncanny impression of  Jacinda Ardern to parody the Prime Minister's now-famous earthquake interview. 

Bracewell uploaded an "extended cut" of the AM Show segment in which Ardern remained calm as a 5.8 magnitude earthquake shook the beehive during her chat with Ryan Bridge. 

"It wasn't just the earthquake Jacinda had to persevere through," Bracewell captioned the clip, in which she donned a brown wig and a light pink jacket similar to the one worn by Ardern on Monday morning.  

Bracewell's Ardern laughs off the earthquake before noticing a piece of glass has cut her hand, and finally, being forced to contend with a swarm of bees.

"There's a swarm of bees that has entered the room, little concerned about that, but it's fine I'm sure they're harmless," Bracewell says in the clip. 

Things go from bad to worse for the 'Prime Minister', but she takes it all in stride with the same confident, calm demeanour that was highlighted by global media outlets such as The Guardian, The BBC and the New York Times

"One of the bees has just flown into the back of my throat," Bracewell continues. "I've just swallowed the bee, it's fine - they don't call it the beehive for nothing! Let's continue the interview." 

Last month, Ardern gave her seal of approval to Bracewell's original impersonation of her, when a clip of the comedian emulating her look went viral on social media. 

"You do my make up better than I do," the Prime Minister commented on Instagram.