Comedian Tom Sainsbury shares 'Simon Bridges' farewell acrostic poem

Kiwi funnyman Tom Sainsbury has shared what might be his final impression of Simon Bridges, this time performing a farewell acrostic poem just hours after the former National party leader lost his position to Todd Muller. 

Sainsbury is famous for impersonating various figures in New Zealand politics, but his portrayal of Bridges and his deputy leader Paula Bennet have been among the most notable and beloved. 

Using a Snapchat filter that imposes Bridges face onto his own, Sainsbury recited an acrostic poem 'written' by Bridges to "help elucidate what has happened". 

"The caucus has spoken," Sainbury said, affecting Bridges thick Kiwi accent, before launching into the poem, as follows: 

F - I did a Facebook post that got tens of thousands of dislikes and angry face emojis that I think might have been bad for me 

A - Ardern. Cindy Ardern was the most popular prime minister of New Zealand of all this century.

R - Real bummer/real bastard. That Todd Muller is a real bastard. 

E - Economy.

W - Witch.

E - Election.

L - The last of Simon Bridges. This is not the last you've seen of Simon Bridges.

L - Let's make America great again. This Todd Muller has a cap that says 'let's make America great again'.

"I'm reeling and I'm feeling, um, bad," Sainsbury concluded. 

Fans of Sainsbury's Simon imitation have begged him to continue to post video updates as the former leader of the opposition. 

"Surely Soimon [sic] can make some guest appearances? I can't believe that might be the last acrostic poem I see/hear from him," one Facebook comment read. 

"Please come back again with an update on your life Soimun!" said another. 

"Tom Sainsbury AKA Soimon you are fantastic and have I loved every one of your hilarious acrostic poems. Please don't let that be the last," a third said. 

At the time of publishing, Sainsbury's video has racked up 12,000 views and 520 comments on Facebook after just an hour since it was posted.