Thomas Sainsbury Snapchat character 'Rhys' opens up about working for Air New Zealand

Rhys says he's not just a 'rambling old queen'
Rhys says he's not just a 'rambling old queen' Photo credit: Newshub.

A character known as 'Rhys' played by comedian Thomas Sainsbury is being praised online for speaking out on behalf of Air New Zealand staff.

In a video posted on Facebook, Rhys, who says he's recently moved from flying Auckland-Los Angeles to Auckland-Wellington, says no one is talking about job losses because they aren't allowed to.

"The general consensus is there's a lot of resentment towards the company. It was voted the most trusted company in New Zealand which we all think is ironical. We've all signed a non-disclosure agreement of course," Rhys says.

"Let's just say the way that the company has conducted itself during the crisis, the coronavirus crisis, left a lot to be desired, putting a lot of our staff at risk. Not to mention Air NZ played a huge role in getting the virus into the country in the first place."

Rhys says he's not just a 'bitter old queen' and is fine with being moved to domestic services. 

"In terms of me being a bitter old queen, yes I am but not about being downsized to doing Auckland-Wellington. I took that on the chin like I take most things," he says.

He expressed his dissatisfaction with Aotearoa's former Prime Minister who has been publicly supporting the airline's former CEO Christopher Luxon's move into politics.

"The honourable Sir John Key is suggesting that the former CEO of Air NZ should be the next prime minister of New Zealand, well lets just say Air NZ staff will not be voting for him."

Rhys finishes the humorous video by telling viewers that his partner Mitch has just woken up.

"I'm going to offer him two options for breakfast: a cookie time cookie or a small bag of chips."

Sainsbury's Snapchat characters, including his impersonation of Paula Bennett, have gained tens of thousands of followers online.