Review: Hugh Jackman, Allison Janney pitch-perfect in Bad Education

Life after Logan is a continuing showcase of just how great Hugh Jackman is.

His new film Bad Education has just landed on Neon and he is just excellent.

It is based on the New York magazine story documenting the extraordinary character of Frank Tassone, the charismatic and suave superintendent of one of the best high schools in America. He had his students, his board and wider community of Long Island wrapped around his perfectly manicured finger.

When his 2IC Pam Gluckin - played by the superb Allison Janney - is caught with her hands in the school cookie jar, Tassone convinces the board that going public would be the worst possible outcome for the school's enviable reputation. And Tassone is a very convincing man.

Jackman and Janney are pitch-perfect, as are their supporting cast. The incisive, entertaining script packages up a story that could so easily have been done by numbers. 

A very worthy four-star watch.