Review: The Assistant is a MeToo movie that packs a powerful punch

Our big cinema chains remain closed, but our independent cinemas have just thrown open their doors. 

There are plenty of movies around that aren't quite mainstream, but more thought-provoking than your average blockbuster.

Let's get out of our pyjamas and head straight to our nearest independent cinema. The wonderful Julia Garner and The Assistant is here to lure us in.

Garner plays a recent college graduate working for a nameless, faceless movie mogul. The film spends just one day with her at the office, but it packs the punch of an entire lifetime.

A Weinstein-coloured snapshot of any day in the life of a personal assistant. Powder-keg stories like this connect in the very-detailed, pared-back pace of the delivery, sucking you in before spitting you out, leaving a bad taste in your mouth to remind you the world just sometimes isn't a nice place.

While that pace and the story won't be too everyone's tastes, this is a MeToo movie to watch.

If you binged Ozark over lockdown, then get thee to a cinema for The Assistant. It, of course, showcases the very special screen presence and talents of Garner. She brings the same simmering intensity of Ruth to a far more restrained character.

Four stars.