Hayley Holt returns to TV after losing her baby during COVID-19 lockdown

Breakfast presenter Hayley Holt has made an emotional return to work following the loss of her baby during the COVID-19 lockdown. 

In a short message at the start of Wednesday's show, Holt said it was good to be back.

"I was really excited, I could hardly sleep last night, to come and be back with my whānau here at Breakfast... I've missed you all," she said.

She extended her thanks to fans of the Breakfast show, her team and her family in recognition of the outpouring of support following the announcement of her miscarriage.

"The messages of support that were sent in on Facebook and Instagram - I broke my rule and I read the comments - and they were beautiful," Holt said. "I really appreciate all the stories that you shared, the messages of love.

"I've been through a horrible experience, but the thing I got out of it was the blessings. I really was made aware of my blessings and the love of my family, and my mum and dad and everybody who supported us."

She also jokingly acknowledged her partner, saying: "I can actually promise you out there that there's truth in the saying that love conquers all."

The TV personality confirmed she is in a "really good place" and is "full of gratitude".

"It's actually been a beautiful experience," she said.