Kanoa Lloyd relives her best date ever - which turned out to be a marriage proposal

Kanoa Loyd has spilled the details of the best date of her life, which just so happens to be the same night her partner Mikee Carpinter asked her to marry him. 

In the latest episode of Newshub podcast The Snack, the host of The Project NZ shared a few dating horror stories from her single days before reliving her proposal story.    

"We were in Tokyo, Japan and we had been planning this trip over there for ages," Lloyd explained. 

"I had carefully booked all the accommodation, but what I didn't know was that he had secretly booked us a night in the Park Hyatt Tokyo, which is the hotel from Lost In Translation which is my favourite movie." 

Lloyd was instructed to get ready for a swanky dinner at the New York Bar and Grill, the backdrop for the moment Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson's characters meet in the film. 

"I was brushing my teeth in my undies and a t-shirt and Mikee was like: 'Hey come out here, I'm opening some champagne'. I went around the corner and he was down on his knee!" she said. 

"I don't know what he said because I was just cry-laughing." 

That was just the start of Lloyd's "best date ever", who said the pair drank bubbles and ate Kobe beef before heading out into the night. 

"We went to this restaurant and we were just over the moon, and all the couples and the waiters were just smiling at us and saying congratulations," she said. 

"Then we went down into Shibuya and hired this private karaoke room with booze and just screamed Nirvana songs at eachother out of excitement and jumped on the couches.

"It was just so fun and so gorgeous. The whole entire night I felt like I was just floating on air."

The couple have been married for three years now and have been together for about nine, after Carpinter won Lloyd's heart with a well-timed magic trick at a party. 

To hear more about Lloyd's journey to true love, check out the full episode of The Snack.