The Project host Kanoa Lloyd's inspiring mental health message

  • 18/10/2018
The Project host Kanoa Lloyd's inspiring mental health message
Photo credit: Instagram - @kanoalloyd

The Project host Kanoa Lloyd has penned a lengthy post on Instagram about her own mental health experience and attending counselling sessions.

In the post, she detailed the importance of just how important and powerful speaking about how you feel is - just like any daily routine.

"For me this is part of my routine like getting my haircut, taking the car for a rego or walking my dog," she wrote in the post.

"I get to blabber on to someone and not worry about "being a burden" or "saying the wrong thing" (or swearing too much). Talking is such a powerful way to make even the biggest stresses seem small and manageable."

She goes on to remind people to check in with the people we love, because not everyone can see a counsellor.

As a way of getting loved ones to talk more and open up, she suggests that people stop asking, "How are you?" but instead ask, "Are you feeling okay?"

"I'm not perfect at this btw, I'm working on trying to be a good friend and wife and sister an daughter. But if we all make little steps in this direction then we're taking a big stride together to improve Aotearoa's Mental Health."

The post comes just after Mental Health Awareness Week ends, but remains a timely reminder that it should be part of everyday life.

Where to find help and support: