Navvy: NZ's next pop sensation on heartbreak, hobbies and having her ex in the band

I'm in the home studio of one of Aotearoa's rising music stars, Navvy, sitting in the same seat she was when her longtime boyfriend abruptly broke her heart. The energy in the room is palpable - but surprisingly, it's all good vibes. 

In fact, Phoebe Lee Jasper's ex still plays in her band, despite her writing several songs about him cheating on her and basically being a bit of a bastard. 

"He's still one of my favourite people," Jasper says, making me acutely aware that alongside her vast helpings of musical talent, she's also far more emotionally mature than I might ever hope to be despite being five years my junior. 


Seriously, Navvy is surely the patron saint of traumatic breakups - her recently released EP is genuinely named No Hard Feelings. Should I be taking notes? Quite possibly. 

Cue her latest single, 'Pieces', which marks the final chapter of her journey to find her post-heartbreak self, with lyrics like 'I been dancin', I stopped cryin', that's the whole truth'. 

It's hard to imagine there's much time for dancing or crying with the amount Navvy's got on her plate, including the monogrammed cookies she baked for our visit. 

When she's not playing every instrument adorning the walls of her home studio -  or letting an entertainment journo live out her muso dreams by touching them all - she's skating. Herein I spot another opportunity to leech off of some of her wide range of abilities like a talent-sucking vampire. 

I don't learn how to kickflip, but I do learn that Jasper's not entirely immune to the urge to get in a wee jab at her ex, which, honestly, is a relief. 

"I know it's not a competition, but I think I might be winning," is maybe the pettiest Jasper allows herself to get while penning the musical diary of her breakup. 

But also... I'm pretty sure it's true.