Ricky Gervais hits out at Kardashians over 'embarrassing' sponsored social media posts

Ricky Gervais has slammed the Kardashians for their "embarrassing" social media adverts.
Ricky Gervais; a Kim Kardashian sponsored post. Photo credit: Getty; Instagram

Ricky Gervais has slammed the Kardashians for advertising products with "embarrassing" posts on social media.

The British funnyman spoke about promotional offers during a Periscope live stream in which he was seen drinking a BrewDog beer.

However, Gervais insisted he just likes the beverage, and slammed stars who endorse products for cash - accusing the Kardashians of being regular offenders.

"I keep getting these things, right, like proper mental money to do endorsed tweets," he said.

"I'd heard about it, like the Kardashians get £20,000 for sitting on a bench saying, 'ooh, I love this new chocolate bar'."

Despite receiving offers from brands himself, Gervais told viewers: "I've always said 'no' because it's sort of embarrassing. I want myself to be real. I don't mind doing an advert, when everyone knows 'oh he got paid to do an advert' - that's the game. But if I'm [being offered money to tweet] it, I have always said 'no'."

The star then addressed his own inadvertent promotion of BrewDog and called on brewery chiefs to donate to charity for the free publicity he has handed them, saying.

"But maybe I should just say to companies 'why don't we just be honest?' Like BrewDog, I love BrewDog - now give some money to charity, don't give it to me, give it straight to charity. Why don't we just do that?"

BrewDog bosses took animal lover Ricky up on the offer, making donations to several animal welfare charities.

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