Whānau Mārama: New Zealand International Film Festival debuts online

These are of course COVID times and this year the beloved New Zealand International Film Festival will debut online this weekend.

There will be select premiere screenings in cinemas too and the line-up includes some must-see local films.

The Whānau Mārama: New Zealand International Film Festival is here - it's delicious array available for your viewing pleasure either from the comfort of your own lounge or at select cinemas across the land.

It opens with a good Aussie banger True History of the Kelly Gang from Justin Kurzel with George McKay as Ned and a support cast which includes Russell Crowe and Kiwi actors Thomasin McKenzie and Marlon Williams.

Ned Kelly's story has of course been adapted many times. This energetic anarchic outing is based on the Peter Carey novel and bears all the hallmarks of a cult festival classic.

Of course, get thee to a cinema if you can but jump online to book if not as there are so many stories to soak up. But if you do want to hashtag your festival with 'support local' do not miss The Girl on the Bridge and another NZ film Loimata: The Sweetest Tears.

Alongside your festival menu add Bill Pullman's troubled detective Harry Ambrose in the Golden Globe-nominated Netflix show The Sinner to your binge list.

Season three has landed and while there's no real need to watch one and two first - these are standalone seasons and they are both excellent.