Xbox adding Project xCloud as free extra to Game Pass Ultimate customers from September

Xbox is adding cloud gaming service Project xCloud as free extra to Game Pass Ultimate customers from September, Microsoft has announced.
Project xCloud in action. Photo credit: Getty

Subscribers of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate service will also get access to Project xCloud at no additional cost from September, Microsoft has announced.

The cloud gaming service is promised to let customers play Xbox games on 'any device' like a phone or tablet, either using on-screen buttons or a connected wireless Xbox controller.

Together with the paid subscription service which is a bit like Netflix or Neon for gaming, this development will grant access to over a hundred games on Xbox consoles, PC and on mobile devices.

However, it's not yet known when New Zealanders will be offered access to the cloud gaming service.

The announcement was made in a blog post from Xbox boss Phil Spencer that mostly discusses features of the upcoming Xbox Series X, which will launch later this year alongside Sony's rival PlayStation 5.

"Cloud gaming in Xbox Game Pass Ultimate means your games are no longer locked to the living room," said Spencer.

"Just like you do with the popular movie and music streaming services, when cloud gaming launches into Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you can continue your game wherever you left off on any of your devices."

In New Zealand, a subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate currently costs a little under $20 per month.

Project xCloud is currently only supported in selected countries throughout Europe, Asia and North America, with Microsoft describing it's availability in other countries as a "multi-year journey".