Review: Lowdown Dirty Criminals has been done before, and done a lot better

Beyond the boundaries of level 3 Auckland there are no excuses not to hit your nearest cinema, sociallly distancing of course.

This weekend, there's also the opportunity to support local with a new R-rated Kiwi comedy called Lowdown Dirty Criminals.

As it turns out our 'Boy' James Rolleston has quite the penchant for comedy. 

Following his hilarious star turn in The Breaker Upperers, here he returns to the big screen as Freddie, one half of a criminal duo trying to climb the criminal corporate ladder one corpse at a time.

There's also Marvin, played by newcomer Samuel Austin. He's not the sharpest tool in the box. In fact, he got lost on the way to the shed. He's in grave danger of getting his mate killed after signing them up to a rather unpleasant crime lord.

They're not the only ones cornering the market in drongo - the comedic conscious coupling of Cohen Holloway and Robbie Magasiva feature as henchmen in service of their own nasty boss and add to the dumb and dumber.

And there you pretty much have it.

We've seen this kind of film and this kind of story done many times before and done a lot better.

But with the genuine Kiwi-ness of the comedy and the characters and the dumb things that happen to them, it still manages to deliver some pretty funny moments.

It's not entirely my cuppa tea, but somehow hearing John Rowles crooning 'Hush, not a word to Mary' makes everything just that little bit better.

Two-and-a-half stars.