'Setting a good example!': Fans thank Jay-Jay Feeney for sharing COVID-19 test experience

  • 28/08/2020

Fans of Jay-Jay Feeney have thanked the More FM host for documenting her COVID-19 test, saying it sets a good example and helped them feel less daunted by the idea. 

Feeney shared a video of her getting a drive-thru swab on her Facebook page, explaining she was "taking Ashley Bloomfield's advice" by getting tested after developing a head cold. 

"It wasn't the most fun I've ever had, but it also wasn't as bad as I expected," she said.

"Stay safe everybody!" 

In the clip, Feeney explains she's had a cold for about a week, and the woman administering the test explains that they're testing anyone who has any symptoms. 

"It just gives you more confidence about going back to work," she says. 

A watery-eyed Feeney told the nurse she was "glad that is over", laughing off the discomfort before telling the camera "it's not painful, it's just like 'wow, that's weird'. That's all". 

Many of the comments on Feeney's Facebook post praised the broadcaster for doing the right thing by getting tested and for normalising the experience. 

"Thank you so much for getting tested today Jay-Jay I appreciate it," one user wrote, while another said the video "makes the whole process seem less daunting". 

"Thanks Jay-Jay. Setting a good example! Feel better soon," said a third. 

Other well-known Kiwis like Kanoa Lloyd and Jesse Mulligan have also shared their coronavirus testing experiences publicly, with Lloyd documenting her over six-hour-long wait time in a drive-thru queue earlier this month.