Antonia Prebble and the cast of Westside look back at their favourite moments ahead of the final season

Five long years after the wildly popular television series Outrageous Fortune finished - leaving a hole the size of West Auckland in Kiwi viewers' hearts - along came the prequel, Westside, which set the 1970s scene for the West family origin story. 

Having earned critical acclaim in her role as moody teen Loretta in Outrageous Fortune, Antonia Prebble took the reigns in Westside as Loretta's grandmother Rita when the spinoff premiered in 2015. 

Since then, Westside has enjoyed a five-season run, with the sixth and final instalment set to begin on Monday 28 September on Three. 

Ahead of their characteristically boozy, bloody and bawdy last hurrah, Prebble and the cast of Westside reflected on their favourite moments from the entire show 

Antonia Prebble.
Antonia Prebble. Photo credit: South Pacific Pictures

Antonia Prebble - Rita 

"I think the scene where Ted and Rita come to The West House for the first time, which for me was coming back to The West House obviously from Outrageous Fortune days that was pretty special for me. 

Obviously, when we finished Outrageous Fortune, Westside was not in any way conceived and I never thought I'd be back at this place that had meant so much to me during Outrageous Fortune. The house is like another character in Outrageous Fortune - as it is in Westside - so coming back in Westside felt really quite significant and really special.

Reef Ireland as Wolf.
Reef Ireland as Wolf. Photo credit: South Pacific Pictures

Reef Ireland - Wolf 

"I think the moment that sticks out to me the most is when I first came to Westside. I remember my first day, we had all the cast members on set, it was a really big shoot. We were doing warehouse stuff with [the show's fictional gang] The Horsemen so there were like 50 plus extras. 

It was my first day on set, and it was a big 'Wolf-coming-out-of-the-gang' sort of moment, and I just remember feeling like I had a really good day.

"Obviously there was a lot of pressure to play Wolf, but that one there really sticks out a lot. I think it was my first week and just feeling really happy with what I had done...I remember feeling pretty proud." 

Sophie Hambleton as Carol.
Sophie Hambleton as Carol. Photo credit: South Pacific Pictures

Sophie Hambleton - Carol 

"When Carol glassed Cannonball in the face with the wine glass at the Rusty Nail. That was pretty badass." 

Pana Hema-Taylor.
Pana Hema-Taylor. Photo credit: South Pacific Pictures

Pana Hema-Taylor - Bert 

"My favourite memory will be [Sheryl and Wolf's] wedding, just because I got to play with all the actors. It was a massive day and I very much enjoyed watching Sheryl and Wolf getting married."

Todd Emerson.
Todd Emerson. Photo credit: South Pacific Pictures

Todd Emerson - Bilkey 

"Ooh… my favourite memory from the entire thing of Westside is I think when we were shooting the wedding at the end of Season 4. It was just sort of this great 10 day period in the heat of summer - it was such a hot 10 days. We were all there for like 15 hours a day, and it was everyone - like the entire cast." 

David de Lautour and Antonia Prebble as Ted and Rita.
David de Lautour and Antonia Prebble as Ted and Rita. Photo credit: South Pacific Pictures

David de Lautour - Ted

"My favourite memory from the whole series of six seasons of Westside - there is lot to choose from. 

"I really enjoy the scenes where we’re all sitting around the table cause we’ve got most of the cast together, so any scenes where we’ve got a lot of people, like parties in the West house or sitting around the table in the West house." 

Season six of Westside begins at 8.30pm on Monday September 28 on Three. Previous episodes can be streamed on ThreeNow.