Joe Rogan's podcasts with alt-right figures missing from Spotify

  • 03/09/2020

Many of the Joe Rogan podcast episodes featuring controversial guests have not been moved to Spotify with the rest of them. 

The former Fear Factor host reportedly won a deal worth US$100 million to migrate all of his podcasts to Spotify and continue to exclusively broadcast with the service, abandoning YouTube and other platforms.

Rogan's wildly popular shows have featured a broad range of interviewees over hundreds of episodes, including notorious alt-right figures, trolls and conspiracy theorists - many of whom are not in the show's Spotify library.

Among those missing are episodes with Alex Jones, Stefan Molyneux, Milo Yiannopoulos, Gavin McInnes, Charles C Johnson and Sargon of Akkad.

Also not featuring on Spotify are episodes with guests who have been dogged by sexual misconduct allegations, such as Louis CK, Tommy Chong, Chris D'Elia and Joey Diaz.

However Spotify is not censoring the content, according to a perhaps unlikely defender - Alex Jones.

The conspiracy theorist is infamous for propagating wild claims about literal demons controlling the world and turning frogs gay, as well as claiming grieving parents of murdered children are faking it.

But he said his and the other missing episodes aren't the victims of a conspiracy, but rather haven't been migrated due to various reasons like corrupted files, a staggered migration period and some interviews staying on YouTube permanently.

"I asked Joe point blank - and he's always been a straight-shooter - 'is Spotify censoring you?' and he said 'absolutely not'," Jones said in a video this week.

The Infowars broadcaster also said he would feature in new episodes of the show that haven't been recorded yet.

"What they're trying to do is organise things right now, get this migration taken care of and then I will obviously be on the podcast as well in the very, very near future."

The latest episode of The Joe Rogan Experience features Miley Cyrus and was released on Wednesday via Spotify.