Jacinda Ardern says she had to 'whip Neve away' from watching violent Spitting Image skit

Jacinda Ardern said she was glad she managed to stop her two-year-old daughter from watching the violent conclusion to the BBC's Spitting Image skit about the Prime Minister. 

Ardern said she was familiar with the satirical puppet show during a press conference on Monday, adding that she had seen previous episodes and was aware of its popularity in the UK. 

An impression of the Prime Minister on the show saw her puppet lookalike take on a Mary Poppins persona, singing 'super-Kiwi-socialistic extra-nice Jacinda'. 

"I'm glad I whipped Neve away from watching it near the end there,” Ardern said, referring to the moment the puppet Arden chops the head off a coughing man in order to report "no new coronavirus cases". 

Ardern also told reporters she was surprised at the "emphasis on Ginger Crunch" - one of the Kiwi-isms that got a mention during the skit. 

The skit centered mostly on Ardern's response to the COVID-19 pandemic, but also made mention of her assault rifle ban and increase of the living wage. 

At one point, a talking sheep's head on the puppet's umbrella asked if she was boasting about having kicked COVID-19 "in the tits", to which the puppet responded: "Practically perfect people never boast, they just get re-elected forever."