'How Bizarre': One of NZ's biggest songs experiences huge TikTok resurgence

One of New Zealand's biggest ever songs is having a huge resurgence 25-years after it was first released.

'How Bizarre' by the Otara Millionaires Club has gone viral on the social media app TikTok amassing more than 2 billion views.

The song was released in 1995, catapulting Niuean New Zealander Pauly Fuemana to global fame.

His widow Kirstine Fuemana says the song was popular right across the world. It hit number one in countries including Austria, Ireland, South Africa and spent 36 weeks in the US billboard top 40.

"It was considered to be a one-hit-wonder and it sort of blew so big that he couldn't chase it with anything," Kirstine says.

"Other songs would chart but they were never going to over-take that."

Pauly died in 2010 from complications of an autoimmune disease.  He was only 40 years old and left behind his wife Kirstine and six children.

His daughter remembers him fondly.

"I remember coming home after primary school and I burst through the door and give him a huge hug in his wheelchair."

'How Bizarre' exploded before Pauly's kids were born - they grew up not really knowing of their dad's fame

And with lyrics like, "elephants and acrobats" and "sister Zina says funky" even Pauly's wife has "no idea" what the song is about.

His family says he would have loved the song's recent revival despite the whole ordeal being a little bizarre.

"He would have loved it," Kirstine says.