Th' Dudes to 'pay tribute' to their history in final ever show

Kiwi rock royalty Th' Dudes are set to play their final ever show on Friday, headlining an event that's bound to have nostalgia fans reaching for their double denim and double brown.

They'll be playing at the "Biggest Pub Gig In The World" at Auckland's Spark Arena - a homage to the 1980s and a perfect setting for a last hoorah.

Fresh out of Auckland's Sacred Heart College in the mid-1970s, Th' Dudes swept the country with a swagger rarely seen before.

Along the way they produced hit songs which are now so ingrained in our country's fibre, they're not their songs, they're ours. 

"Especially when you're singing Bliss and you say "YA" in the wrong place - they don't like that, you've got to stick to the script. It's their baby," lead singer and Kiwi music icon Dave Dobbyn told Newshub.

Th' Dudes' final show is a reference to where it all began, alongside contemporaries Hello Sailor, Citizen Band, Jordan Luck, and Hammond Gamble. 

Auckland's Spark Arena will go unashamedly '80s and it won't just be the music that has nostalgic hearts pounding.

"We're going to have four bars there that pay tribute to four big venues of the past," promoter Brent Eccles said.

"I won't tell you what they are, there will be some sticky carpet, there'll be cans of beer - we're trying to make it as authentic as possible."

In a year where coronavirus and border restrictions have seen the live entertainment industry cancel hundreds of events, what better reserves to call upon than Th' Dudes.

Not that touring and performing hasn't taken its toll - Peter Ulrich sang while running on a treadmill to get himself match fit.

"And that is hard, you don't realise," Ulrich said. "When you're running but when you start singing the breath's going out."

He told Newshub this is most likely their final show.

"I can't do this again so yeah it probably is," Ulrich said. "So you know, come and see us [at] Spark Arena, December 11."