Kate Middleton accidentally reveals her most-used emojis, with surprising results

A pineapple, a cucumber and a puff of air are among Kate Middleton's most-used emojis on Instagram. 

The Duchess of Cambridge accidentally revealed her favourite symbols during a Q&A session on Instagram, where she appeared in her role as patron of children's mental health charity Place2Be. 

Kate turned her phone towards the camera to show off the many questions people had put forward to the Kensington Palace Instagram account, and in doing so, gave viewers a glimpse of her eight most-used emojis, which appear at the bottom of the comments section. 

Eagle-eyed audiences soon identified the emojis, which appear in order of how frequently they are used. First was two girls holding hands - a symbol of friendship - followed by a pineapple, the swearing face emoji, a gaming-style alien, a vomiting face, a cucumber, a bowing woman and a puff of air. 

UK tabloid The Sun speculated that the "unexpected" swearing emoji might be a way for the future queen to "vent her frustrations without turning the air blue", while adding that the cucumber emoji is sometimes used in "sexting". 

The Sun also suggested Kate might use the bowing woman emoji during text chats with Queen Elizabeth, but was stumped as to the scenario that might call for the puff of air, which it pointed out is "a popular way of representing flatulence". 

Fittingly, Kate began the Instagram video by thanking those who submitted questions for their use of "wonderful emojis".