'Sorry!': Aubrey Plaza accidentally reveals Kristen Stewart had COVID-19 during filming of Happiest Season

Aubrey Plaza accidentally broke the news her Happiest Season co-star Kristen Stewart contracted COVID-19 during filming in an interview with Stephen Colbert. 

Appearing on The Late Show, Plaza outed Stewart as having "gotten sick" with coronavirus, along with "a lot of people" on the set of the queer Christmas comedy, which was shot early this year. 

"[It was] right before COVID. Like COVID was on our set. Kristen got sick. We didn't know," Plaza said. 

"What?" Colbert replied, shocked. "Is that news? Are we breaking news right now?" he asked. "Do people know Kirsten Stewart got sick?"

A panicked-looking Plaza replied "oh, sorry!" before explaining the movie was being made in late February, when "people were starting to talk about coronavirus but people were kind of laughing about it". 

"No one really understood how serious it was," she added. "I think a bunch of people on our set got sick. I didn't, thank God."

Plaza said when filming wrapped, she asked one of the movie's transport crew members if she should be worried about "this virus thing". 

"He went, 'It's already here.' And I was like, 'What?' And he's like, 'Oh that shit's been in Pittsburgh for a long time.' And I was like, 'Geez, alright.'"

Stewart, Plaza and several of the film's other actors including Alison Brie and Clea DuVall attended the drive-in premiere of Happiest Season in Los Angeles last month, where they all wore masks on the red carpet while audiences watched the flick from their cars.