First look at Kristen Stewart as Princess Diana in new movie Spencer divides internet

The first image of Kristen Stewart in her role as Princess Diana for Pablo Larrain's upcoming film Spencer has been released, triggering a wave of online reactions. 

The Twilight star bears a striking resemblance to Diana in the still from the movie, wearing a recreation of one of the late royal's real outfits, including a red blazer and a black hat with a veil, as well as a blonde wig to emulate Diana's trademark hairstyle. 

"That transformation into Diana is eerily similar to the original," one Twitter user responded to the image, while another impressed fan felt Stewart had nailed the "classic Diana" expression in her eyes. 

"I am so overwhelmed by love for Kristen Stewart and Spencer and Kristen as Diana I have officially stopped working for the day, gah," another Tweet read. 

Many comments made reference to the film's Oscar buzz, musing that Stewart's performance might win her a Best Actress trophy. 

But not everyone is convinced. Many fans of the Princess of Wales expressed their displeasure with the casting choice on Twitter, with reasons ranging from a critique of Stewart's acting skills to the fact that she's American. 

"She's not even British. Terrible choice in casting," one tweet read. 

"And the timing... The Crown would do a better job than this movie ever could." 

Another Twitter user declared Stewart "doesn't fit" as Diana, writing: "Diana was headstrong, confident yet sophisticated and classy, elegant but Kristen is a bit awkward and tomboyish and that doesn't scream Princess Diana to me." 

In an interview with InStyle, Stewart said that she had been "viscerally affected" by imagery from Diana's funeral when she was younger and had "always had a curiosity" about her. 

"I always just thought that this person was sort of stolen from us," she said. 

"Every day that I unfold this story, the more emotionally invested I get." 

Spencer has been written by Peaky Blinders creator Steven Knight, and the film is expected to be released later this year.