Xena star Lucy Lawless feuds with Hercules co-star Kevin Sorbo over US Capitol riot

New Zealand actress Lucy Lawless is feuding with her Hercules co-star Kevin Sorbo over his claims the mob who stormed the US Capitol were left-wing activists posing as "patriots".

Sorbo, who starred as the titular character in 1990s hit show Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, is an outspoken supporter of outgoing US President Donald Trump. He has claimed 'Antifa' was behind the events in Washington DC this week, despite the FBI saying there's no evidence of this. 

Lawless, who portrayed Xena in Hercules and its spinoff Xena: Warrior Princess, is the opposite - and in recent years has used her profile to boost causes such as clean energy, environmentalism and LGBTQ+ rights. 

Both Hercules and Xena were shot in New Zealand. 

Sorbo retweeted an image of some of the mob who made it into the Capitol, most of whom were wearing red 'MAGA' hats. One man was topless, carrying a megaphone and wore an animal-skin hat with massive horns.

"Do these look like Trump supporters?" the original tweet read. "Or Leftist agitators disguised as Trump supporters..."

Sorbo commented: "They don't look like patriots to me..." 

Lucy Lawless and Kevin Sorbo in friendlier times.
Lucy Lawless and Kevin Sorbo in friendlier times. Photo credit: Renaissance Pictures

Lawless weighed in, calling her former co-star "Peanut".

"No, Peanut. They are not Patriots. They are your flying monkeys, homegrown terrorists, QAnon actors. They are the douchebags that go out and do the evil bidding of people like you who like to wind them up like toys and let them do their worst."

The Battlestar Galactica actor's tweet at the time of writing had more than 51,000 likes - five times the number of likes Sorbo's post got. 

But she came to Sorbo's defence when people started badmouthing his acting skills. 

"Hercules: The Legendary Journeys was a wonderful, feel-good show of its time. And Kevin was good in it," she told other users on Twitter.