Review: The Little Things is so excruciatingly dull despite Hollywood heavyweights starring

Rami Malek: Oscar-winner. Jared Leto: Oscar winner. Denzel Washington: A legend with two Oscars for goodness sake.

But like it says on the tin, it's The Little Things. And in this case, despite those three Hollywood heavyweights, The Little Things all adds up to a big fat nothing.

Washington is former detective Deacon, a now-disgraced small-town beat cop who gets roped in by rising star Malek's Detective Baxter to help out with some grisly murders.

Lots of weird moody asides and dead herrings later, their hunt circles Leto in a cat and mouse, did he or didn't he, and I dearly hope that by the final credits roll you all care more about the answer to that question than I did.

Nothing winds me up more - apart from people texting in the cinema - than a film full of promise which simply fails to deliver. So many questions I can't be bothered pondering the answers to, it's been a while since I've watched a film work this hard to be so excruciatingly dull. 

Two stars.