Russian man finally voted off Chinese reality show after begging fans to go home for three months

A Russian man stuck on a Chinese reality show despite wanting to leave for months has finally been voted off.

Vladislav Ivanov, a model and translator who speaks fluent Mandarin, was forced to stay on Produce Camp 2021 - a boy-band selection programme - against his wishes for almost three months, after viewers continued voting for him to remain.

Originally, Ivanov only joined the show to work as a translator - but he was then asked if he wanted to star as a contestant.

"The director knew that I can speak Chinese and my appearance is OK," he said, the South China Morning Post reported. "So he asked me whether I wanted to try living in a new way." 

But after the show began, he quickly realised he wanted to pull out - but couldn't due to his contract. He begged fans during the show and on social media to stop voting for him.

"Don't love me, you'll get no results," he told viewers.

Fans liked his unenthusiastic attitude, however, and continued giving him their votes.

"Don't let him quit," AFP reported one as saying on social media.

"Sisters, vote for him!" another wrote.

On Saturday (local time), Ivanov was finally voted off - to his relief. 

"I'm finally getting off work," he said on Chinese social media app Weibo, AFP reported.