Taika Waititi joins forces with Ricky Gervais, Zac Efron to stop animal testing

Kiwi film-maker Taika Waititi has loaned his voice talents to Ralph - a cute rabbit with a tragic story.

Ralph is a cosmetic tester and part of a new campaign to stop people using products tested on animals.

He's cute, he's fuzzy, and he's got a pretty familiar voice - Waititi plays Ralph the spokes-rabbit, taking viewers through a day in his life.

But a day in Ralph's life involves pain - he's got chemical burns, ringing in his ears and he's blind in one eye - thanks to animal testing.

Also featuring Ricky Gervais and Zac Efron, the four minute video from the Humane Society hopes to shock people into paying attention.

The video already has over a million views on Waititi's Instagram alone.

He says the practice is "gross, archaic and needs to stop" adding "if you don't feel anything you might be dead. No judgment though!"

The New Zealand Anti-Vivisection Society hopes Waititi's involvement helps Kiwis change their buying habits.

"It's not a comfortable thing to watch," says Tara Jackson. 

"But the issue isn't comfortable so I think it's important we show a bit of the truth."

While testing cosmetics on animals is banned in New Zealand, there's no ban on importing animal-tested goods.

"You wanna go online and find what certifications are genuine and which ones are nothing. If there's a picture of a rabbit that just says 'no animal testing,' that doesn't mean anything."