Guy Williams meets infamous flat-earther Adrienne Morrison, who opposes 5G and thinks COVID-19 is a hoax

Comedian Guy Williams has tracked down one of New Zealand's most prominent conspiracy theorists in an effort to understand why she believes what she does.

In an episode of New Zealand Today that aired on Thursday night, Williams met Adrienne Morrison, a New Zealand Public Party supporter who is anti-5G, a flat-earther and believes COVID-19 is a hoax.

She told him being a conspiracy theorist is exhausting, "but you have to learn to live with it".

Morrison says she believes there are several conspiracies at play, all of which are working in tandem as part of "a wider plan".

"You get these [5G] towers put up and erected all across the world within a decade. Don't you think there's something strange about that?" she asks.

"This is why people are getting more pissed off: our questions aren't being answered and we're not being addressed. People are writing to the Government and we're just not getting any answers back."

She went on to describe the New Zealand Government's COVID-19 response - which has been hailed as one of the world's best - as a "crime against humanity".

Williams, confused by this characterisation, questioned her reasoning: "In New Zealand it's been great and now we're all free of COVID and we're living the dream."

"No, COVID's a machine, Guy," Morrison responded, going on to say the World Health Organization isn't acting like it should and was ignoring the Nuremberg Code.

She went on to say if Williams had the vaccine, she'd be forced to start social-distancing and wearing a face mask to protect herself because "I don't know what you're spurting".

"That's excellent logic," Williams retorted. "You're worried about me making fun of you in this interview, but when you say stuff like that, it's naturally hilarious. 

"Like that's gold, that's what we call in the industry solid gold... I'm like a gold miner, I go into the mine and I mine for gold. You're a rich seam of gold."

After a confusing discussion about research ethics and severed dog heads, Morrison (jokingly, we hope) threatened to burn his studio down if the interview that went to air made her look stupid.

"Don't provoke a conspiracy theorist," she laughed.

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