Kourtney Kardashian tattoos 'I love you' on boyfriend Travis Barker's arm

Kourtney Kardashian has etched her love for Travis Barker in indelible ink, picking up a tattoo gun for the first time to add to her new boyfriend's extensive collection of body art. 

In a series of photos uploaded to Instagram, Kardashian dons black gloves and sets to work inking the words 'I love you' on the Blink 182 drummer's forearm. 

Despite it likely being the reality TV star's first time wielding a tattoo gun, Kardashian's heavily-tattooed new beau described her as the "best tattoo artist ever" and "a woman of many talents". 

Barker and Kardashian haven't held back with the public displays of affection since they started dating around December after years of being friends and neighbours. 

They've documented dinner dates, family celebrations and holidays together on Instagram, often including an obligatory shot of their being entangled in a passionate embrace. 

It's also not the first of Barker's tattoos to be dedicated to Kardashian. In April, he unveiled 'Kourtney' inked on his chest in cursive script. 

"She's very happy dating Travis," an insider source reportedly told E! News earlier this year. 

"He is a great boyfriend and really treats her well. He showers her with gifts and compliments. She's enjoying it."