Review: A Quiet Place 2 is just as thrilling as the original

A year on the shelf and the sequel to hit horror A Quiet Place is finally released on the big screen, the very best way to enjoy it.

In a future world where even a teeny weeny little cat sneeze from your darling moggie will get your entire family pounced on by a horde of merciless alien monsters, it's pretty clear this isn't the movie to bring the kids to.

But for the grown-ups, gird your loins, A Quiet Place 2 is here.

Part prequel, part sequel, my advice? Do your homework first and watch the first one. A bolter of a horror-thriller where Emily Blunt and director/star/on-screen and off-screen husband John Krasinski have so far survived an invasion of very blind monsters with very acute hearing as in no noise is good noise.

Now the next chapter, the family must leave their safe haven and go out into the world where the surviving humans can be just as fatal as the alien invaders.

Irish actor Cillian Murphy enters the fray, whether he can be trusted or not. As the sequel quite rightly puts the eldest child Regan front and centre, her deafness is her superpower.

I love a sequel which delivers on its most excellent predecessor and A Quiet Place 2 is just as thrilling, just as cleverly simple and full of the perfect kind of peril and frights to engage the brain as well as the heart. 

Four-and-a-half stars.