Review: James and Isey is the perfect Mother's Day movie

Time to head to the movies and support the locals while you do it; New Zealand film James and Isey has just opened across the land.

Not only is a Kiwi gem, it's the perfect Mother's Day movie.

Isey's about to turn 100. Her youngest James, like all good boys, just loves his mum and throwing her the party of her life is his way of showing it.

What a gift to have your mum alongside you for this long. James and his whanau and all of Isey's many, many friends revelling in the party preps and build-up to the big day, celebrating a woman who loves the life she lives and lives the life she loves.

In the hands of Northland documentary-maker Florian Habicht, the gorgeous story of James and Isey becomes a handcrafted love letter sent from a corner of Aotearoa to the world, stamped with his inimitable palette of colour, tone and texture, 100 years in the making and perfect for our times. 

You don't need me to tell you what an unmitigated delight James and Isey are and what a uniquely irresistibly charming film this is. Habicht has an eye and a heart and soul for people and telling their stories and this is one of his best yet.  

Five stars.