The Masked Singer NZ: Rhys Darby interviewed by 12yo fan about singing, sound effects and aliens

The Masked Singer NZ is set to hit Kiwi television screens on Sunday, bringing with it a smorgasbord of crazy costumes, celebrities in disguise and a star-studded guessing panel. 

Comedian Rhys Darby is one of four famous New Zealanders charged with the task of deciding who is behind the mask, along with Sharyn Casey, Ladi6 and James Roque. 

I enlisted my 12-year-old nephew Sam, an amateur television critic and fan of all things loud, shiny and intriguing - three words that could be used to describe The Masked Singer, surely - to grill Rhys about what to expect. 

Amid fielding questions like "do you get paid more if the show does well?" and "how did you get chosen to join the guessing panel, are you a detective?" Rhys blew Sam's mind with his incredible sound effect skills, and the pair mused over the existence of aliens. 

Watch the video to see Rhys get Sam hyped for the premiere of The Masked Singer NZ and check out how Sam scored Rhys' impromptu performance of 'Shout' by Tears for Fears. 

The Masked Singer NZ premieres Sunday, May 9 at 7pm on Three.