Auckland man unwittingly stumbled on Lorde's music video set, months before it dropped

The set.
The set. Photo credit: Matt Lloyd/Supplied

An Auckland man who unwittingly captured the set of Lorde's Solar Power music video way back in March says he was told it was an advertisement.

Matt Lloyd told Newshub he was sailing around Waiheke island with his family, trying to find a bay to disembark at.

They stumbled upon Cactus Bay - where the video was shot - and sailed up for a closer look.

Lloyd says he and his family were told by a man looking after the set they could not land on the beach as it was "too rocky and dangerous" - something he says isn't strictly true.

"He was nice about it ...we asked what it was and he told us it was for a commercial."

Lloyd says he didn't really believe the story due to the attention to detail on the set.

"[It] was amazing! It looked like something out of Survivor. We didn't want to be a pain so moved off."

He says as soon as Lorde's music video dropped he recognised the location and set right away. 

"I'm a fan of New Zealand music and as soon as I saw the video I made the connection immediately."

The video, released on Friday morning, has already been viewed more than 9 million times.

Dressed all in yellow, the Kiwi singer declares she's "kinda like a prettier Jesus" as dancers dressed in a somewhat cult fashion carry her around. 

She sings how she "hates the winter, can't stand the cold" as she dances around the classic New Zealand landscape of sand, greenery, and bright blue ocean. 

'Solar Power' is the first music Lorde has released in the four years since her last album, Melodrama