Billie Eilish says she 'hated every second' of recording first album, 'wasn't grateful' for early fame

Billie Eilish has revealed she "hated every second" of recording her debut album and was angry and ungrateful for the fame it brought her.

In her cover story for Rolling Stone magazine, the now-19-year-old recalled being miserable while working on her hit record When We All Fall Asleep when she was 17 - so much so, she thought she would never make another album. 

"I hated every second of it," she said. 

"I hated writing. I hated recording. I literally hated it. I would've done anything else. I remember thinking there's no way I'm making another album after this. Absolutely not."

Eilish also said she quickly grew resentful of the lack of anonymity her success brought, along with the constant throng of paparazzi cameras following her every move 

"I was a kid and I wanted to do kid shit. I didn't want to be not able to f**king go to a store or the mall. I was very angry and not grateful about it," she explained. 

Meanwhile, the 'Bad Guy' hitmaker said "everybody needs to shut up" about her former relationship with rapper Brandon Adams, AKA 7:AMP, which fans got a glimpse of in her documentary, The World's A Little Blurry

"[The documentary] was a microscopic, tiny, tiny little bit of that relationship. Nobody knows about any of that, at all. I just wish people could just stop and see things and not have to say things all the time."

Eilish says she had to learn how to exist on her own after she and Adams called it quits in 2019, saying she "didn't know how before". 

"Which is ironic because I had never been in a relationship that allowed me to really exist with that person anyway. My emotion always is because of somebody else's, and that had been such a big pain in the ass," she said. 

"You heal eventually."