Prince Charles, Camilla's alleged 'secret Aussie son' reveals 'crucial' new evidence

An Australian man who claims to be convinced he's the secret love child of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles has shared what he believes to be new photographic evidence of a family resemblance. 

Simon Dorante-Day, who made headlines last month when his claims that he is the biological son of the future king went viral, compared a photo of himself next to his "Uncle Mark" Shand - Camilla's brother. 

The side-by-side photo caused a stir on Dorante-Day's Facebook page, where he shares his crusade to prove his royal lineage with 13,000 followers. 

Speaking to 7 News, Dorante-Day said "a couple of people have said we look like twins and I have to agree".

"I really think this is one of the more compelling photo comparisons, it's hard to deny how much we look like one another," he added. 

"In paternity cases, facial similarities can be crucial and are definitely considered by the court - and you can see the close similarities between myself and Camilla as well as her brother, her son." 

The 55-year-old has previously shared photos comparing his son and Queen Elizabeth II and has made public pleas for Camilla and Charles to "come clean". 

Dorante-Day has also insisted he will be returning to court to continue his decades-long battle, bringing with him a portfolio of evidence that includes his birth certificate, which he claims is "complete rubbish". 

He mourned the death of his "Grandad" Prince Philip in April this year, thanking his followers for sending their condolences. 

"His DNA will live on in the children and I," Dorante-Day wrote at the time. 

"His fingerprints are all over my life."