Shocking detail 'missing' from Lorde's new Solar Power cover art

The world has waited four years for Lorde to announce new music, and finally on Tuesday, many wishes were granted after her comeback single was revealed.

In an announcement on her website, the Kiwi pop singer unveiled the cover art for 'Solar Power' with the caption: "Arriving in 2021... Patience is a virtue."

The risqué image, which is shot from below, shows Lorde running along the beach, but The Project host Kanoa Lloyd noticed something else was amiss.

"I do want to be on board with it, I'm very excited for Lorde's music, but honestly I got a real shock when I looked at it today," she says.

"I'm really surprised that more people aren't talking about what is staring us in the face, it's right there for everyone to see - she's missing a finger."

Indeed, on her cover art, Lorde appears to be missing her right-hand ring finger.

"Lorde, we're thinking of you, we hope it doesn't hold up any progress with this new music," Lloyd adds.

Lloyd wasn't the only one wondering if Lorde is actually missing a finger - several people online asked the same question.

"Am I crazy or is Lorde missing a finger?" one asked on Twitter.

But as another person mentioned, her finger is most likely pointing downwards, making it difficult to see.

Lorde's latest music will be her first new release in four years since her second album Melodrama in 2017.