HBO cartoon The Prince branded 'cruel', 'tasteless' for mocking 8yo Prince George

A satirical animated TV show has been condemned online for its comedic portrayal of members of the UK Royal Family, in particular eight-year-old Prince George.

The Prince is a 12 episode series premiering in the US on HBO Max this week portraying the child as a rude, spoiled brat.

In a trailer for the series, Prince George complains his tea "tastes like piss" and mocks staff and fellow students for not being as privileged as he is.

"This is cruel," declared UK tabloid the Daily Mail on its Facebook page.

In an opinion piece for The Daily Beast, Tom Sykes describes the show as a "vicious parody" that's "tasteless" and "not even funny".

"Social-media users, fan sites and industry accounts piled on to complain that the new show is not only cruel and abusive to an 8-year-old child, but also disrespectful to the memory of the only recently deceased Prince Philip," writes Sykes.

"Being caught by surprise by the passing of a 99-year-old man you have mercilessly satirised is one thing; failing to actually do anything about editing out the offending content when your show finally airs is quite another.

"However, it appears that no one involved in this show figured out that a sensible use of the extra time they had been gifted would be to remove Philip from the series, in which he is far from sympathetically portrayed. Fan account Animated Plus said that Philip was 'portrayed in the series as a nasty, inept, senile man'."

None of the portrayals in the show appear to be flattering. Prince William is seen in bed with Kate Middleton declaring he needs to defecate, before summoning an aide to carry him to the toilet.

Prince Harry is depicted moving into an LA apartment with Meghan Markle and not comprehending that it's not a palace of any sort.

Prince Charles, 72, is seen being ordered around as if he were a teenager by Queen Elizabeth II, who herself stamps her feet and demands a treat at another point.

The Prince stars Orlando Bloom, Gary Janetti, Dan Stevens and Sophie Turner among its cast.