Flight Attendant is binge-worthy, ridiculously addictive while Beckett is worth checking out

The weekend is here, so time for some help curating your lockdown viewing, including a film called Beckett and a new series called The Flight Attendant.

First up, go for your seventh walk of the day or make some more sourdough instead of watching two very average films streaming this week.

Mark Wahlberg phones it in for hot mess Infinite, and while Jason Momoa is actually pretty good in Sweet Girl, the film itself is memorable only for how missibility. 

Moving swiftly along, Blackkklansman stand-out John David Washington is Beckett.

Beckett's smooching his way around Greece with his girlfriend April until a sudden shocking accident throws Beckett into a terrifying run for his life, chased by who knows who for reasons unknown. 

This film has a really unusual feel, the foreign fish out of water tension is incredibly authentic, offset by some weirdly hokey filmmaking, giving it a film school vibe.

Good - not great - but certainly worth checking out. 

If it's a binge-worthy series you so desire this weekend look no further than The Flight Attendant.

Kaley Cuoco is Cassie, a globe-trotting party girl flight attendant who wakes up after a Bangkok bender with a dead body next to her.

If that premise feels a little been-there done-that, the rest of what unfolds is not. Cassie is an insanely manically endearing centrepiece for a darkly comic drama which is ridiculously addictive.