Charli XCX shares footage of major wardrobe malfunction while presenting ARIA Award to Justin Bieber

  • 29/11/2021

Charli XCX laughed off a serious wardrobe malfunction that happened while she was presenting an ARIA Award to Justin Bieber, deciding to share the moment with the world even though the clip was pre-recorded. 

In footage shared to TikTok and Instagram, the 'Boys' singer was virtually awarding Bieber and The Kid LAROI Best Pop Release when she waved to the camera, causing her dress strap to slip off her shoulder and expose her breast. 

The 29-year-old burst out laughing, as did the cameraperson, before quickly rectifying the situation. "One more [take]," she can be heard saying. 

While the footage never made it to air during the awards show broadcast, Charli XCX clearly couldn't resist the opportunity to offer her fans a laugh at her expense, captioning the well-pixelated clip simply: "Congrats guys!" 

The British pop star will now likely be carefully considering her outfit choice for her upcoming appearance as the musical guest on Saturday Night Live next month, where she won't have the same opportunity to re-record bloopers.