Duncan Garner says he has COVID-19 while awaiting test result

  • 15/11/2021

Broadcaster Duncan Garner says he has contracted COVID-19 and is awaiting confirmation from a test result. 

"A few days ago, I woke up but my body refused to move in any direction. I had a headache, my body was aching like something would break if I moved suddenly, and I had a frog in my throat," Garner wrote in his column for NBR

"The next day I was close to being okay, so texted the ex-wife to organise picking up our son Buster for the afternoon. He's asleep, sick, she said. It then made sense.

"Everything he was suffering from pointed towards Covid-19. So, we got him tested. Results confirmed Covid. My results are pending but, at the time of writing, all roads appear to lead to Covid-19. I can't taste anything, I'm sweating, I'm feeling hot."

Garner recently left his role as host of The AM Show after almost five years fronting the programme.