Peter Jackson in joyful disbelief as The Beatles: Get Back is released

The Beatles, the biggest band on the planet, in full glorious creative flight and as we've never seen or heard them before are coming to Disney Plus thanks to Sir Peter Jackson.

From 60 hours of footage and 130 hours of audio, John, Paul, George and Ringo are restored, distilled and refined by the Lord of the Rings filmmaker into a six-hour documentary.

Sir Peter has spent a lot of the COVID-19 pandemic on this project - something he's very grateful for.

"When I look back on lockdown in years to come I'm always going to think of the Beatles," he told Newshub.

"Especially last year was a miserable year. You'd turn the TV on [and the news] was terrible, but I got to go to work each day, sit in a room cutting The Beatles and actually laughing all day long. 

"So when everyone else was having a miserable time, we were laughing our heads off. The Beatles got me through my lockdown. I'm so happy about that."

The Beatles: Get Back covers the making of the 1970 album Let It Be and draws from material originally captured for Michael Lindsay-Hogg's 1970 documentary of the album.

It was filmmaking heaven for this super-fan to spend four years of tinkering on a time capsule sent straight from 1969 - the year before The Beatles were no more.

"I'm a fan sitting here still just shaking my head thinking I can't believe this exists," said Sir Peter.

"I mean who would have thought - after 50 years - we would have thought that everything to do with the Beatles, has been seen and heard. All the documentaries you've seen of the Beatles it's the same old stuff, we've seen it so many times.

"Then seemingly out of nowhere comes this treasure trove of 60 hours of new Beatles footage. It's the most intimate, personal, raw footage of any band - it's just that that band happens to be The Beatles."

So one has to wonder - how has this footage remained hidden for several decades?

"The Beatles didn't want it to be seen, so if they don't want something to be seen that's easy - they have it in a big vault, a secret vault in an undisclosed location," explained Sir Peter.

"This was all sitting on a shelf. They have not wanted anybody to see it."

But now they do. The two other sirs - Paul and Ringo - handed Sir Peter the key so his incredible technicians could open up the past for audiences today and in the future.

When the footage was being filmed, the musicians weren't keen on having everything they said recorded, so much so that at times they'd play an instrument at the same time to try and hide what they were saying.

"With this technology we've got, we can strip away the guitar and reveal these hidden conversations that they didn't want anyone to hear," said Sir Peter.

So now, we're invited to hear them.

The Beatles: Get Back will stream in three parts across three nights next week on Disney Plus, starting November 25.