Review: Dune blew my mind with its epic visual feast, flawless cast

The feature film adaptation of cult science fiction novel Dune has finally arrived on the big screen across the land.

It was the very first in-cinema movie that self-confessed sci-fi nut Kate Rodger had experienced in 105 days of lockdown.

The extraordinary story, the epic visual feast and the sheer immersive scale and majesty of it all on the big screen. Then there's a stone-cold unfathomably flawless cast, the Hans Zimmer score, and the gifted maestro Denis Villeneuve orchestrating it all from the director's chair.

This is Dune.

I have a well-documented weakness for sci-fi and expected Dune to feed my soul. I didn't expect it to entirely blow my mind.

From the Frank Herbert novel we are transported to a universe ruled by those who control the one commodity they cannot live without - spice.

The planet Arrakis is mined for spice, a deadly desert, a Dune filled with giant killer sandworms and a local population just as deadly.

The House of Atreides are sent to govern, including the enigmatic son of the Duke, Paul Atreides, fuelled by his mysterious dreams and on the cusp of uncovering his powers.

Betrayals, revelations, war, ridiculously cool spacecraft, I want for nothing except more viewings and part two pronto.

Fear, is the mind-killer. Dune - part one - is a five-star big-screen watch.