Review: Nothing prepared me for Spider-Man No Way Home

The hype for the latest in the live-action Spider-Man series has reached peak fanfare and now Kiwis are flocking to see what all the fuss really is all about.

Tom Holland puts back on the Spider-Man suit after the cliff-hanger ending of his last outing.

Spider-Man: No Way Home is already a COVID box office superhero.

This third chapter in the Tom Holland Spidey took over NZ$1 million in its opening here in just one day - the movies are back people!

I love Holland in the suit, and I've liked the first two films quite a bit.  

But this? THIS??? Nothing quite prepared me for this.

You'll get no real story from me, spoiler territory here is a mine-field I'm not willing to navigate.  What I can say is this is a movie made for fans of every age, filled with spidey lore, emotional performances, and a cohesion and connectivity I've never experienced in a live-action Spider-Man film before. 

So, merry Christmas, and happy New Year Marvel fans, get your tickets then book them again, this is a repeat viewing situation and you will cheer, stomp and you will cry.

Five Stars