Siouxsie Wiles and David Seymour among stars of 'Vax The Nation' music video from Dr Joel Rindelaub and Randa

Dr Siouxsie Wiles joins MPs David Seymour and Chloe Swarbrick in a new music video promoting the benefits of getting vaccinated against COVID-19 from Auckland scientist Dr Joel Rindelaub featuring rapper Randa. 

Aerosol chemist Rindelaub - who goes by 'Dr J' - produced 'Vax The Nation' in a bid to bring science further into the public realm. 

"With so much misinformation floating around about vaccine safety, we need to find new ways to share science," Rindelaub said. 

"Currently there aren't a lot of hip-hop lyrics dedicated to scientific advancement." 

Rindelaub's lyrics address some common misconceptions around COVID-19 vaccines, answering the questions of why they were able to be produced so quickly and why they're still important for young people to get. 

"Reason it went quicker cause the money rolled in thicker meaning trials could be bigger with more results to deliver," one of Rindelaub's rhymes goes. 

Meanwhile, 'Rangers' hitmaker Randa delivers lines such as: "I know what you're thinking, 'I'm young, I'm healthy, the virus won't affect me, how can Pfizer help me?' 

"Inability to orgasm, damage to your lungs, that's a heavy price to pay, don't be f**king dumb." 

Siouxsie Wiles also takes to the mic while Chief Science Advisor Dame Juliet Gerrard and Doctor Jin Russell also made cameo appearances. 

Rindelaub said he was grateful to the "science legends" for stepping out of their comfort zones. 

"Seeing [them] give it their all on camera just shows how strongly they feel about the importance of vaccines," he said. 

Wiles said despite not being a "huge hip-hop head", she was happy to contribute to the message. 

And while Dr Ashley Bloomfield didn't appear to be able to make it to the shoot, he did get a shout out in one line about how to go about getting vaccinated.  

"It's totally free, just register yourself with Book My Vaccine / Wait for an email or text to then yield, and you'll be more attractive to Dr Bloomfield," Rindelaub raps in the clip.