Kanye West begs Kim Kardashian to take him back on Instagram as Julia Fox insists 'he's with me now'

After launching repeated online, public attacks on Kim Kardashian, now Kanye West has seemingly switched gears, begging to be reunited with his estranged wife in a new Instagram post. 

West, who is in a relationship with actor Julia Fox, has been on a social media rampage of late, airing all the dirty laundry with regards to his ongoing divorce proceedings with Kardashian. 

The rapper called the mother of his children out for allowing their eldest daughter North to be on TikTok without his permission and accused Kardashian of "kidnapping" their 4-year-old Chicago by not providing him the address to her birthday party

West also shared screenshots of what he claimed were conversations between him and Kim's cousin who was allegedly "agreeing" with his position about North being on TikTok, and even said that Kim had "accused him of putting a hit out on her"

The 'Heartless' hitmaker eventually deleted all his posts regarding the feud, but his most recent upload features a collage of photos of Kardashian and the couple's children, along with the caption: "GOD PLEASE BRING OUR FAMILY BACK TOGETHER." 

Fans immediately began to wonder what this meant for West's much-publicised, PDA-filled relationship with Uncut Gems star Julia Fox, who has frequently shared details of her new romance with the media

In a recent interview with podcast Call Her Daddy, Fox said she wasn't worried about West pining for Kardashian. 

"I'm sure there's still some residual feelings, and that's normal, it's human," she said. 

"I also know that he's with me now. And that's all that matters."

Asked about the future of her and West's relationship, Fox said: "There's a lot of 'us' and 'we' conversations, which is nice." 

"I call him my boyfriend and he calls me his girlfriend." 

In response to those who doubted the authenticity of the couple, Fox said: "Time will tell, you'll just see."