Kiwi singer Paige 'disorientated, confused', without taste or smell after catching COVID-19

Kiwi musician Paige Tapara has revealed she's tested positive for COVID-19 and is now isolating. 

The singer/songwriter shared the news with her nearly 50,000 Instagram followers, warning fans: "Please stay home and be careful, it seems like we're all going to get this one." 

Paige told Newshub things began with a "bad headache that lasted for days" and she had "burning eyes" before she developed cold-like symptoms two days later. 

"I had a bad cough, runny nose and fever," she explained. "It started with a dry cough, now I'm quite disoriented - my head and sore eyes are the worst part for me." 

The 'Bloom' singer said she wasn't too surprised when she got a call confirming she had contracted the virus. 

"I had a feeling that I was positive, because it doesn't feel like a normal flu - it feels quite strange."

She said she had lost her sense of smell and taste on Thursday, five days into the illness. 

"The confusion and not being able to comprehend much is the concerning part of it for me," she said. 

Paige said she really felt for Kiwis who would have to isolate in a small household with lots of people, as she was currently "locked in her little room" in a house of five. 

"I'm just binge-watching stuff and feeling crappy at the moment!" she said. 

She said she was double vaccinated before contracting COVID-19, but hadn't yet gotten her booster shot. 

The 24-year-old, whose celebrity fans include Billie Eilish, Lizzo and Ruby Rose, advised anyone who picked up the virus to be "really aware" of their surroundings and stay away from their housemates, stock up on paracetamol and drink lots of water.