Meet Paige, the Kiwi singer with celebrity fans and a day job at Krispy Kreme

Kiwi musician Paige Tapara wears a hell of a lot of hats. She's a singer, songwriter, podcaster, YouTuber and she still holds down her day job at Krispy Kreme Manukau.

Also, there's the effortlessly cool black bucket hat she's donned for our interview. 

The 23-year-old exalts the virtues of a Rainbow Choc Ice donut as passionately as she talks about her dreams of selling out arenas - but the common denominator is obviously her work ethic. 

She's uploaded over 100 covers and original songs to her YouTube page, some of which have caught the attention of the world's biggest superstars like Billie Eilish, Lizzo and Ruby Rose. 

Still, Paige is more likely to name drop her Krispy Kreme manager Antonio than to brag about shout outs from pop music royalty. She's just stoked to be making music and clearly really grateful for any and all the support she gets along the way. Antonio tells me when her first song came out, they played it super loud in the store and presented Paige with a little trophy.  

When she's not playing guitar, serving up glazed treats or penning her next set of lyrics, she's yarning about mental health - something she reckons there's not nearly enough of in the mainstream music industry. She does this on her new podcast, in candid Instagram posts and perhaps most relatably, by writing songs with titles like 'Shit Show', which as she explains in the intro, is about "how her life is a shit show". 

That YouTube clip was uploaded two years ago, and since then, she's opened for Six60, gained 50,000 views on her 'Alignments' music video and has an EP on the way next week. 

Whatever kind of show Paige is starring in, I reckon it's the type you'll want to get your tickets for early.

Watch the video to meet Paige and find out what kind of donut she is.