The Edge caller vows to share $10,000 prize with grieving friend to cover MIQ and funeral costs

A listener of The Edge radio station left the hosts stunned when she promised to use her $10,000 prize money to help her grieving friend get home to New Zealand for her dad's funeral. 

A woman called Stella called in to play the radio station's 'The Edge ATM' competition, where she had to guess a four-digit pin code to win the cash. 

When asked what she would do with the money if she was successful, Stella replied: "My best friend's dad unexpectedly passed away two days ago, her mother passed away six years ago, and she's currently stuck in Australia by herself."

"So if she gets through to MIQ, we're going to pay for all her flights and the funeral costs." 

Stella described her friend's situation as "horrible", adding she just wanted to help her and her family "as much as she could". 

Hosts Eli Matthewson, Steph Monks and Nickson Clark erupted with excitement as Stella correctly guessed the pin, securing her the $10,000 prize. 

"Oh my God, I'm shaking, this means so much," Stella said. "I'm crying, thank you so much." 

Steph thanked Stella for playing, adding: "We're so sorry to hear about your mate's father and it's incredible that you're going to be putting the funds towards helping her out in this awful situation." 

"You are an angel, you deserve the win, but make sure you spend a little bit on yourself!"