The Edge host Meg Mansell brought to tears by unexpected pep talk from 'nearly 80yo' listener

The Edge's breakfast host Megan Mansell was brought to tears after an unusual call from an elderly fan who felt compelled to get in touch after seeing a video of the radio host. 

Judy, who described herself as "nearly 80," called into the radio station after seeing a video filmed at the start of last year in which Meg broke down in tears discussing the pressure to look a certain way on her wedding day. 

In the clip from January 2020, the broadcaster cried as she revealed she felt like "she had to look like a supermodel" on her big day, and that she was "sliding back into old habits" referencing her previous battle with an eating disorder. 

"I don't even know who Megan is, I'm an elderly lady and I don't listen to The Edge because it's a bit posh for me," Judy told The Edge workday host Stephanie Monks when she first called in. 

"I saw this thing where she was talking to a co-host and her voice was breaking and she could hardly speak. I just wanted somebody to tell her that when I first saw her I thought 'wow, she's beautiful'." 

Meg's co-host Clinton Randell replayed the audio of the call on the breakfast show last week, before welcoming Judy back to the airwaves. 

"Thank you so much for your nice message," a visibly emotional Meg told Judy. 

"I just couldn't believe the sadness in your voice, and when I saw your face the first thing I thought was 'wow, she's beautiful', and out was coming all this pain," Judy said, her voice also breaking. 

Meg told Judy she'd had "a lot of demons" in her past when it came to self-image and confidence. 

"Unfortunately in a job like this, there are a lot of amazing people like you but there are also just a few that stick - people that like to point out your biggest insecurities. I don't know why they do it or what makes them feel good about doing that," she continued. 

"Being in a job in the public eye unfortunately can be hard for a person that doesn't particularly like themselves anyway. So your message is really needed and thank you." 

Judy agreed with the radio host, adding "If someone treats you badly, there's something wrong with them. Because normal happy people don't go around trying to destroy other people," before imparting some final words of advice. 

"So you just feel sorry for them and feel glad that you're you - that's what I think."