Coldplay appears to tease 2022 concerts in New Zealand and Australia

Coldplay uses Kaotican Alphabet to tell fans: "AU NZ 2022".
The band has released a coded message to fans in a language they literally made up. Photo credit: Coldplay / Getty Images

Coldplay is likely coming to New Zealand to perform concerts this year, according to cryptic messages the band has posted online.

The 'Yellow' hitmakers on Tuesday released a new Spotify Canvas that displays a coded message along with footage of them performing live.

The short video was attached to a 2014 live performance of 'Magic' at the Enmore Theatre in Sydney, which was tweeted from the band's Alien Radio FM account.

Characters of Coldplay's own Kaotican Alphabet displayed in the video have been translated by fans to spell out: "AU NZ 2022".

Local promoters would not comment on the potential upcoming Coldplay tour, but said fans should join the band's official Live Nation waitlist page to be notified of any concerts.

Although the cryptic announcement was labelled "exciting" by one fan on Twitter, others expressed disappointment the band has not announced any Los Angeles dates.

Coldplay this week kicks off their Music of the Spheres World Tour, which was announced in October as their return to live performing after going on hiatus during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Starting this Friday in Latin America, the tour moves to North America in May, Europe in July and back to Latin America in September through to the end of October.

One could assume if they do indeed tour New Zealand and Australia this year, it would likely be in November and/or December.